How to obtain a fake driving license that works

Sometimes you need a driver’s license urgently, but getting the same instantly is not an easy task then. We have only the option of a fake driving license. There are many ways to make a phony driving license that could save you in such situations. It may be a prank with your friend, tricks or show off, or may deceive a few cops. But can help you to get a fake driving license that works like the original one. This will help you get a commission for whatsoever the circumstance is-

Fake Driving License

There are two ways of making a driving license that works in the following conditions-

  • Scanning an available driving license
  • Fake driving making app

Scanning an Available Driver’s License

If you already had a driving license, then you can make a fake driving license for a prank with your friends or any reason-

Steps to Scan and Obtain a Fake Driving License

The first step to make a fake driving license is to scan your original driving license through your computer. You can also use a digital camera or smartphone with an excellent camera to scan the document; you can click photos instead of scanning. Then you will need to crop and edit the picture to obtain a perfect record by adding a fake template. It is advised to save the document in a picture format such as PNG, JPEG, etc.

Open the Scanned Fake ID

Scanned Fake ID

You can open the scanned fake ID in any photo editing software or computer software. But It is recommended to edit the picture on a computer or laptop because it has unlimited features. Only a few photo editing software runs smoothly on the phone, such as Picsart Cymera and many more.

Insert your passport-sized photograph

In a scanned photo, you have to open a new passport photo then use clone stamp tools to edit the picture in the software. There is an option of Clone tool in PicsArt with the help of that to copy the surrounding area from old license photos and paste it on the new passport photograph.

Or you can use a rectangular tool to draw a boundary in an existing old passport photo. Then finally, use a paint tool to fill the color into the base that matches the background of your document.

Modify the text

After coloring the document’s base, you need to erase the existing details from the driving license by using a clone tool. After that, you have to enter your details in the fields and ensure using the same font or color combinations in the fake driving license used in the original document.

Review the Fake license

After completing all the steps in making a fake driving license, ensure that every data you entered is the same as that on the original permit. For example, if the format of date of birth is MM/DD/YY, then make sure to write in that format only then your prank may fail or even harm you.

Print the fake driving license

If you have a plastic card printer, you can print it at home or visit the nearest computer cafe for the same. You can print out the driving license on plain paper, then cut out the front and backside and merge both sides through glue, and then you can laminate it to give full effect to your driving license.

Use a fake driving license maker application

There are plenty of free applications available on the Internet to make fake documents. These apps offer support to android, ios or Windows also. If everything goes well and no one can identify the fakeness of your driving license.

Shopfastnotes is the premium fake driver license maker webpage. It gives you a facility to make fake driving licenses in a hassle-free manner. This platform contains countless templates for creating fake requests for most of the country. It is the best website on the Internet to make a fake driver’s license at a reasonable price for pranks with friends or your loved ones. It is not illegal to have a fake driver’s license, but it is unlawful to drive a vehicle with a fake driving license.

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