How to get a polish driver’s license

Suppose you are a foreigner, can’t live without a car, or want to drive a vehicle on the road of Poland. In that case, a Polish driving license is a mandatory document to drive a vehicle on the road of Poland issued by a Member State of the European Union. If you plan to shift to Poland, you must learn some of their basic rules, just like other European countries. Poland has also used right-hand traffic since 1920.

If you are a European citizen, you can use your license upto its validity but remember, after a stay of six months (180 days) in Poland, and you are obliged to exchange it with a polish driving license, or otherwise, you may face difficulties with your car insurance. Officials may also collect your original documents and send them back to your home country.

Polish Driving License to Drive A Vehicle

Polish driving license

People from outside Europe can also use your license accompanied by the International Driving Permit. This passport-like document with your permission is also valid for 180 days. After that, foreigners will also need to apply polish driving license to drive a vehicle on the roads of Poland. The eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled while applying for the visa in Poland are-

  1. The person who stays in the Republic of Poland for at least 180 days due to personal or professional reason are eligible to apply for polish driving license
  2. The person stays in the territory of the Republic of Poland for at least 185 days, intending to become a permanent resident of the country.
  3. Students stay in Poland for study or learning
  4. A person needs to pass a medical test before applying for a Polish passport
  5. People need to fulfill the age criteria required by the Poland authority

Where to submit the application

Driving License

You can send the application by post or submit it at the office-

  • Submit license’s application at the powiat stars two office
  • if you live in a city with powiat rights, you can submit it in city office;
  • if you live in Warsaw, submit your application in the district office competent for the place of residence
  • if you are a diplomat, then you can apply to the Marshal Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship in Warsaw

Required documents

To apply for polish documents, you need a package of records, which includes

  • Application form for Driver’s license
  • Photos(35*45mm)
  • Passport, residence permit, and their xerox copies
  • Registration of address in Poland
  • Photocopy and original of the previous license
  • Convert these rights into polish
  • Confirmation of payment

In terms of a driving license in Poland, you need to take a class lesson to pass a driving license exam. The driving license exam in Europe is generally considered problematic, and many people have to take classes 3-4 times before passing an exam. Taking classes is expected to be an expensive experience, so make sure to take the lessons seriously to crack the exam on the very first attempt. There are many English-speaking examiners, but you have to pay their fees to become your interpreter. Before exams, you need to complete thirty hours of the theoretical and practical lessons program with certified and qualified trainers. After completing the lessons, you can schedule your test at your convenience. The test includes 18 questions, out of which 16 questions are mandatory to pass the exam. Depending on your location of exams, you can either give exams in polish, English or german.

The practical part of the test includes identifying the part of the car, parking, going up hills, and then eventually driving on the road for 30 minutes following the examiner’s instructions. You need to follow all the instructions while giving the exam. You can get only a second chance to repeat it, but you may forget the entire exam process if you fail to follow them again. I.e., 30 minutes driving on the road. Most people said they took two attempts to pass the test, and even some said they gave the exams in their first attempt. A driving license based on which polish driving license is being issued must be retained by the officials and sent to the concerned authority of the issuing country along with the reason to publish the polish driving license.

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